Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Here’s How to Decorate Your Home as a Renter

If you're a renter, your lease probably tells you what you can and can’t do to decorate your home. Some might say you can't paint the walls or create holes to hang artwork, while others may say you can do whatever you want — as long as the place looks exactly like it did before you moved in. Meaning if you paint your walls a deep red, you will have to paint over it in white before you move out and you will have to fill in any drilled holes with spackling paste. You know you want to decorate, but how do you effectively do so while staying within the guidelines of your lease? Here are a few ideas.
Removable Wallpaper Exists!
Don't want to paint your walls? Can't paint your walls? You may want to try Swag Paper, which has been seen on Refinery29, Redbook and HGTV. This amazing video showcases how easy it is to transform a boring white wall to something fancy you’ll want to admire. All you have to do is peel and stick!
Decals Can Be Used on Your Walls as Well
Decals require less work than removable wallpaper -- it's an easy and instant way to upgrade your rental from boring to bang! The removable wall decorations come in a variety of designs and patterns suitable for all tastes. You may also purchase 3D decals, which are an unexpected way to decorate your walls. These butterflies in the photo below look like they’re about to take flight right into the hallway!

Buy Washi Tape
If removable wallpaper and wall decals require too much DIY work, you can use washi tape to brighten up almost any surface. Try adding it to tables, candles, clear glass jars or vases
Get a Bar Cart
If you’re in a rental, chances are there aren’t enough places for you to store your belongings — especially your wide collection of wine and spirits. Instead of sticking them on a rack in a crowded closet, why not make your space more fun by displaying them on a bar cart? The cart will definitely prove itself useful if you frequently entertain guests at home!

Change the Hardware
Cabinet handles and doorknobs in rental units are basic and boring. You can purchase your own with fancy, elaborate details to brighten up your space. Just make sure you keep the original pieces and switch them back before you move out.
You NEED to Accessorize
Will a home full of white walls, you will need to brighten up the space to make it seem like a true home. Accessorize with everything under the sun… carpets, throw pillows and blankets, art, real or fake plants, statues… the list can go on. You can take a look at some luxurious ideas here.


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